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5 Pcs 1/4" Drive x T30 Torx Bit Socket S2 Steel Bits CR-V Sockets 38mm Length

5 Pcs 1/4" Drive x T30 Torx Bit Socket S2 Steel Bits CR-V Sockets 38mm Length

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Descriptions: Crafted from S2 alloy steel, these bit sockets are engineered to withstand high torque without twisting, ensuring the longevity of both the bit and the fastener. Featuring notched drive ends, these bit sockets seamlessly fit any 1/4-inch drive ratchet or extension, effectively preventing unintended disconnections during use. Versatile and practical, these bit sockets find widespread application in DIY handcrafting, household maintenance, and a variety of general repair tasks. Specifications: Boasting a hardness rating of HRC 58-62, these bit sockets exemplify durability and resilience. Designed at T30 size, these bit sockets provide a precise and reliable fit for various applications. With a drive size of 1/4-inch, these bit sockets offer compatibility with a range of tools. The total length of 38mm (1.5-inch) ensures practicality and ease of use. Available in both Brass Tone and Silver Tone, these bit sockets add a touch of aesthetic appeal to your toolkit. Constructed from high-quality S2 steel, these bit sockets guarantee robust performance in any task. Package Content: Receive a set of 5 Bit Sockets, each embodying the exceptional quality and functionality essential for your diverse fastening needs.

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