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Heavy Duty ID Card Badge Holder/Keychain with 80cm Ractable Reel & Carabiner

Heavy Duty ID Card Badge Holder/Keychain with 80cm Ractable Reel & Carabiner

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Retractable Badge Holder, featuring a robust carabiner keychain and a Tactical ID Card Holder, comes with a 31.5" (80cm) Retractable Badge Reel in a sleek black colour. The badge reel incorporates a retractable clip constructed with a 0.039" stainless steel cord, providing a retraction force of up to 10oz. This strength ensures stable support for your keys, preventing them from sliding down constantly. The reel can extend up to 31.5 inches, offering convenient accessibility. The retractable key chain smoothly extends, facilitating quick and easy door opening without the need to remove the key. The strong wire rope is crafted from anti-oxidation PVC coated steel, ensuring a smooth, rust-free experience. Each badge wallet provides ample space, accommodating up to 5 cards or cash. The card holder is made of durable material, protects cards from scratches and keeps them securely in place. The multi-functional design includes a carabiner and PVC badge buckle, allowing easy attachment to belts, backpacks, and more. Ideal for various industries, this name card badge holder is suitable for both men and women, including professionals like nurses, maintenance and medical staff, airport personnel, security staff, police, military, government employees, teachers, students, custodians, factory workers, and outdoor enthusiasts. Built for durability and reliability, the badge reel's strong spring ensures consistent retraction, safeguarding cards and keys to maintain information security. The steel wire is bendable and resistant to breakage, having been tested through more than 100,000 pulls.

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